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 8th Great Granddaughter of Charity Davis Caesar Broady 


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Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, CAROLYN LANDER, is an 8th generation Daytonian, Social Worker, Community Activist and Organizer   Her community activism was sparked in her teenage years where as a high school senior she led a protest of 500 students from Nettie Lee Roth High school to a Dayton Board of Education meeting. During the meeting Carolyn was tasked with the important role as spokesman for the students regarding their right to equal treatment and a quality education in the recently desegregated city school system.


Ms. Landers' community activism led to the development of the Students Rights Center in partnership with Dayton Board of Education to respond to student grievances. The Students Rights Center was also responsible for developing other programs to address community issues related to minority youth ages 10-18 years. This early hunger to improve the lives of people in her community led to a 50-year career as a social worker.

Starting her career with Montgomery County Childrens Services as a recruiter of
foster and adoptive homes for black children, Ms. Lander developed community
connections for recruitment and media exposure for the problem of black foster
children rarely having a permanent home or family of their own,  Ms. Lander retired from social work with the District of Columbia, after serving 20 years as the Foster & Adoptive parent In-Service Training Coordinator. Developing award-winning cross training curriculum for social workers and parents in the areas of "Healing, Grief & Loss," "Suicide Prevention," "Effective Black Parenting." Training sessions were provided to culturally diverse audiences of more than two thousand traditional, therapeutic parents and social workers in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia. 


Ms. Landers' work is a reflection of her family legacy of community service and dedication to the welfare of our children. Currently Ms. Lander serves as the Youth Engagement Chair and Oral Historian for The Charity's Children Project. The Charity's Children Project, named for her 8th great-grandmother, is an organization founded to be a resource in research of Ohio's early black settlers, free African-Americans of the pre-Civil War, as well as African American history, heritage and perspective.

Ms. Lander holds a Bachelors of Science in Social Work and a Bachelors of Science in Communications from The University of Dayton.

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