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A Summertime Message: Legacy, History & Love

Pictured: Patricia (waving) with Mother Emma, siblings and childhood neighbors.

Happy summer!

This time of year evokes feelings and memories of hot fun in THE summer time. In my mind’s ear, I hear various tunes: the music of Hugh Masakela's "Grazing in the Grass" while my feet welcome Frankie Beverly and Maze bringing the electric slide to every cookout, not to mention the "Summertime" anthem of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince signaling the official start to the season. What kicks off the summer for you ? What gets your senses stirring this time of year? Is it the scent of charcoal, meat sizzling on the grill or laughter from our neighbors back yards? Or maybe it's the fireflies. Where have they all gone? Did we catch them all…Captured in glass jars?

I look forward to long days with golden Midwestern sunsets that linger well into moonlit nights. Whatever thing that evokes and brings your summer sunshine smile, embrace it; Embrace the positive, release the negative and when it is necessary and affirmative for your well being, repair what is broken in this season of growth.

"Legacy, history, live in family and community celebrations - this is what matters."

When it is safe for your mind, body and spirit, commit to keep these traditions and vow to fix what’s necessary to create new memories. Enriching traditions establish and set the tone in this generation for what’s to come and what is expected in the next. Or just relax and rediscover or discover YOU. Unselfishly Living YOUR best life is a powerful legacy.

Find a book or a podcast to learn, teach, share, and uplift yourself and others. Take us with you this summer! The full season of the short story podcast series The Legacy of Charity's Children is now available on our website and wherever you get your podcast. If you haven't listened, and even if you have, I invite you to listen again. Listen to these stories consecutively, learn from the history, share the knowledge of genealogical research, absorb the music and be inspired!

For me, I find peace and inspiration in the garden. There is release and clarity as I tend my flowers.

Even in seasons where I have been unable to curate my own garden, I enjoy visiting, arboretums and parks where I find the color and beauty that, for me, are reviving. My memories float to my childhood in Dayton, Ohio gardening with my parents and siblings. Through honey, hot, humid summer days, we worked in our mother’s flowers and in our father’s vegetable garden, that in all seasons, fed our family and the families of many neighbors and friends. We manicured our yard from sun up until our mid day break. After that 2 o’clock nap, we were back at it till the sun set. Then, we relaxed on the patio and assessed a good day's work that consisted not only of our yard, but the yards of our extended family for which we also took responsibility. Admittedly in the moments of our youth it did not always feel enriching, but in the aftermath, the many lessons learned brought a knowledge of self and the ability to find peace and joy in any garden. My children recently informed me, while observing me work in my own flowers, that I smile as I toil. Though I’m sure I worry about them far too much -- my children and my garden!

Let’s commit to keeping ourselves and each other safe - and where necessary, do the personal work that could lead this to being a season of growth and enrichment, self discovery and reconciliation.

Get some sun, have some fun, find your joy.


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