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(Los Angeles, CA, December 27, 2023) - The much-anticipated second season of The Legacy of Charity's Children podcast is set to premiere in July 2024, inviting listeners on an evocative journey through the lineage of Charity Davis Ceasar Broady and her descendants.

This acclaimed short story podcast series, previously recognized as an Official Selection of the esteemed 2023 Urban Mediamakers Film Festival, delves into the extraordinary life of early Ohio settler Charity Davis Ceasar Broady. The vivid narrative artfully traces the intricate journey of her descendants across generations, skillfully weaving together family archives, oral traditions, and historical records.

Season Two of The Legacy of Charity's Children podcast, titled "The Year of Jewelia," is a landmark season commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Jewelia Galloway Higgins, inviting listeners on a poignant exploration of her captivating life and legacy.

Executive Producer Patricia Smith Griffin, a direct descendant of Mrs. Broady, breathes life into these engaging stories, both writing and narrating each episode with a profound connection to the remarkable chronicles of this resilient lineage.

Episode Summaries:

  • Each for a Principle: Unveiling the poignant tale of Charity and John Broady's heartfelt departure from a place that exploited their people.

  • Let My People Go!: Journeying through the captivating story of James Davis, son of Charity and Randolph Caesar, unjustly imprisoned until his mother sought his freedom.

  • Emancipation Day: Recounting the inaugural celebration of Emancipation at First Wesleyan Church in Dayton, Ohio, marking the promised dawn of freedom.

  • Transitional Generations: Exploring the narrative of James and Julia Broady Chittenden, pivotal figures in the lineage leading to Jewelia Galloway Higgins.

  • The Manumission Papers: Delving into the origins of the precious manumission papers of the Price family, a riveting quest for family connection.

  • Intertwined Generations: Merging the histories of Charity’s Children generations, setting the stage for the enthralling three-part series on Charles and Jewelia Galloway Higgins.

  • A Love Story (Three-part Series): Charles and Jewelia Galloway Higgins' love story intertwined with poet laureate Paul Laurence Dunbar.

The podcast's poignant narratives, weaving threads of history and personal tales, offer an immersive experience into the depths of heritage and resilience. Season 2 promises to captivate audiences with stories that transcend time, illuminating the indelible impact of these remarkable lives on history.

For more information on The Legacy of Charity's Children and the upcoming Season 2 premiere, visit

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