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Leaving A Single, Childfree Legacy with Patricia Smith Griffin (The Spinster Life Podcast)

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Patricia Smith Griffin is a historian, genealogist, podcaster, and the keeper of a rich family history. She is descended from early Ohio settler Charity Davis Ceasar Broady and was told the story of her family’s legacy, passed down through the generations by the women in her family, since the time she was born. To honor her family and keep the stories alive, Patricia founded Charity’s Children Project, a non-profit organization committed to establishing a multicultural center in Dayton, Ohio, and wrote and voiced The Legacy of Charity’s Children, a short story podcast series that illuminates the generational journey of one of Dayton’s oldest African American families.

Patricia joins The Spinster Life podcast to show how single women can leave a legacy for themselves by telling the stories of her unmarried (and married late in life) relatives and how their accomplishments shaped her family. She also gives some tips on how you can find the spinsters in your family tree. LISTEN TO THE COMPLETE INTERVIEW

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