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INTERVIEW: "Preserving & Telling My Story" - Patricia Smith Griffin (What's the Value Podcast)

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Understanding where you came from, how you became the person you are, and why you value the things you value--those are all reasons my guest Patricia would say it is important to understand your family history. The concept of history is so fickle in a world that changes so rapidly. Perspectives disappear and it is usually a subjective decision on what stories are told. That is the exact reason Patricia values preserving and telling her family's story so much (as she is doing through her work and podcast - Charity's Children Project).

Her story is particularly interesting because it is told through the lens of a matriarchy. It is a story centered around the women in of one of the oldest African American families in Dayton, Ohio. Hearing about the courage, conviction, and character of these black women dating back to the 1800's is really powerful. But when you get to hear it through Patricia's poetic and thoughtful narrative, it becomes something even more special.

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