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'The Legacy of Charity's Children' Selected for the 2023 Urban Mediamakers Film Festival in Atlanta

(DAYTON, OH) September 22, 2023 - The Legacy of Charity’s Children, a poignant short story podcast series, has been announced as an Official Selection for the esteemed 2023 Urban Mediamakers Film Festival. The podcast, which debuted on December 29, 2022, delves into the remarkable life of early Ohio settler Charity Davis Ceasar Broady and the enduring legacy of her descendants.

Narrated and written by Executive Producer Patricia Smith Griffin, a direct descendant of Mrs. Broady, The Legacy of Charity’s Children unfolds the multi-generational journey of an African American family. Each episode draws from a rich tapestry of family archives, oral history, and historical records, offering an illuminating portrayal of the family's enduring legacy and societal impact.

The Urban Mediamakers Film Festival, renowned for showcasing diverse narratives from across the globe, brings together a vibrant array of content creators in various mediums. Scheduled from October 9-22, 2023, the festival will feature an eclectic mix of international projects, including AfroFuturism, animations, shorts, documentaries, podcasts, and more. This year's lineup includes creators from over 30 countries, highlighting the festival's commitment to global storytelling and positive societal change.

"We are honored and thrilled to have The Legacy of Charity’s Children chosen as an Official Selection for the Urban Mediamakers Film Festival," remarked Patricia Smith Griffin. "Our goal has always been to shed light on this remarkable family's journey and its significance in American history. Being part of this prestigious festival allows us to share this narrative on a larger stage."

The Urban Mediamakers Film Festival stands as a testament to the power of digital content and media arts in fostering social change. Through a diverse range of projects and voices, the festival amplifies stories that resonate across borders, celebrating creativity, and inspiring audiences worldwide.

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